When you're part of a family business, it becomes interwoven into your household. That's the way God desires our Church to be in his House of Prayer.

Cheryl Allen (Sunday 10 AM)

This session expounds on Luke 4:18, and how the Church is entering into the ministry of Jesus.

Cheryl Allen (Saturday 7 PM)

This session shares Radical Christianity comes from knowing your identity. And knowing your mandate allows you to assess your situation, and boldly share the love of Christ.

Chad Dedmon (Saturday 1 PM)

Just as a professional athlete trains daily through hard times, Christians must also have this mentality in seeking Christ.

Edwin Duran (Friday 7 PM)

When we recognize that we're losing ground, we need to rise up and take back what's ours- from the little things like praying before meals to interceding for the protection of our nation.

Angela Greenig (Thursday 7 PM)

This session touches on strongholds and principalities and how to overcome them through Jesus Christ.

Angela Greenig (Thursday 1 PM)

In this critical time, God desires for us to know who we are in heart, mind, and spirit- warriors in His kingdom.

Angela Greenig (Wednesday 7 PM)

As we pour out our physical strength, material needs, and spiritual strength to serve God and love His people, He in turn replenishes us.  Patricia King has spent the past year and a half experiencing what she calls, "The replenishment anointing."

Jesus Generation '16
Friday 7 PM
December 30, 2016

Patricia King explains that women are essential to the end-time harvest because of their ability to do what men are not able to do: from ministering to abused women, porn conventions, and more.

Jesus Generation '16
Friday 7 PM
December 30, 2016

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