Key Verse: Luke 8:26-39

In an inspection on this passage concerning Jesus and Legion, we find what the people of Gerasenes have in common with Legion.

Pastor Ryan Lee

Key Verse: Song of Songs 2:10-17

This sermons shares what the Lord is saying for us this season as we go from glory to glory.

Pastor Ryan Lee

Key Verse: Genesis 26:17-24

This sermon looks at the life of Isaac, a second generation Christian. And as his father was the founder of faith, Isaac stepped into his own story.

Pastor Samuel Han

Key Verse: Ezekiel 37:1-14

Did Bob Jones really prophesy Kansas City Chiefs winning the super bowl? Pastor Ryan shares his view on the recent prophetic words concerning revival. 
Pastor Ryan Lee

Key Verse: Isaiah 58:1-12

This teaching goes over this Isaiah passage to explain what kind of fasting pleases the Lord.

Pastor Ryan Lee

Key Verse: Isaiah 55:10-11

This sermon explains the power of God’s promises and how we can experience the manifestation of its power. 

Pastor Ryan Lee

Key Verses: Genesis 41.47-48, Matthew 9.37-38

God is building us to be a new type of church. In 2020, God wants to pour out His glory upon us for greater harvest. He is raising up a bridal company among the churches in Orange County and He will reveal His holiness to us.

Pastor Joseph Lee

Key Verses: John 8, Hebrews 4:12

This sermon looks into the exhortation to "continue" in His Word. The Word of God does not only have power, but it is power.

Pastor Ryan Lee

Key Verse: Isaiah 61:1–11

This is a prophetic declaration from Isaiah for the year 2020.

Pastor Ryan Lee

Key Verse: Psalm 89:1

Regardless of our circumstances, we need to learn to sing of God's lovingkindness and faithfulness in our lives.

Pastor Ryan Lee

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